Align Types: What’s in a Name?

The Align Types - What's in a Name?

The names of the Align body types explained

Coming up with the names for the Align types was hard, in fact almost harder than building the theoretical framework that underlies the system. 

For what’s in a name? In the case of a body typing system, an absolute rabbithole! So much comes from the way you dress, that from the beginning I was very aware that I need to keep from steering for this style or that. Because once you fall down that rabbit hole, you’ll find yourself in a wonderland of emotional baggage you don’t need.

I needed names that were descriptive on the one hand, but also gave women the freedom to be their own person. The last thing I wanted was to put people into a box. A box that would dictate how they should dress. 

There’s danger in doing that. Because how you dress affects how you think of yourself. So much of your self-image is in the mirror! Worse, the words you apply to yourself, are what you think of yourself. And before you know it, the style analysis dictates your self-image, which leads to your personality, the expression of your power and where you think your place in society is. Now that’s dangerous, wouldn’t you agree?

I think a style system should stay away from dictating anything, least of all these things! With Align, the system is set up to do the opposite,  to give you creative freedom so you can apply your own taste. How do I do that? By giving you a sense of the range you have, showing you your basics, classics, casuals, and the odd vintage or even goth or steampunk interpretation of your type. Key word here is interpretation

Also, I do my best to keep my own taste out of it, and deliberately include clothes that I don’t like, and wouldn’t wear in a lifetime, just so my own taste doesn’t interfere with the objectivity. 

So if you like dressing classic, modern, athletic, elegant, boyfriend, rock chic, goth or any other subculture you care to imagine, you can do that. The building blocks are right there to turn them into your own style. I really only teach clients about proportion, line and silhouette. Detail matters less, since it’s just that – detail. And so there’s an incredible freedom to take it anywhere you like, based on what you feel comfortable with and what inspires you. No matter your shape or size (size is really the most irrelevant thing when it comes to style ever, but that’s a topic for a future blog). 

In doing so, I’ve actually gone the other way. Instead of prescribing a box to fit in, I hand you a compass. You can roam as far and wide as you like, and never lose your way. 

Hence my struggle to find names for the types. How to be descriptive but not prescriptive? It took literally months to find something that worked. You’ve seen the names I eventually picked. Let’s go into the reasons for them, in alphabetical order: 

With Align, a new language for female beauty evolved

Captivating is a mix of mostly yin with a little yang that leads to a small-scale body with generous curve. With that comes an easy charm – and they often have the most gorgeous smile. 

Celestial a mix of yin and yang that leads to a medium yet fairly slender body type. They have incredibly regular lines to their bone structure – we might even say a touch angelic. 

Dignified is a mix of yin and yang with a medium scale with a rectangular bone structure. Their regal bearing is taller than their actual height. 

Distinctive is yet another mix with medium scale, but this time with more pronounced vertical length. They stand out with subtle nobility in their features, understated yet not unnoticed. 

Dynamic is another mix of yin and yang, but now in a small scale body type. When you compress the strength of yang in a very small body, the energy level has only one way to go. Up. Small powerhouses that they are, they’re delightful and energetic.

Expressive is closely related to Dynamic, also a case where we have a lot of opposite energy from yin and yang compressed into a medium scale body. Still loads of energy, infectious and like-able. 

Evocative is a mix of yin and yang at small-medium scale. Their curves are infused with the strength of yang, and their energy reminds us of different times and places. Once upon a time…

Graceful is a mix of yin and yang with medium scale. They’re distinguished by a subtle softness and curve, and it’s elegance beyond belief. 

Intricate is a mix of only yin and has the smallest possible scale. Within the softness of yin, nothing ever gets too small. Detail becomes like twinkling stars, this is another of those faerie tale body types. 

Imperial combines the curve of yin with the strength of quite a lot of yang, and the result is incredible. At medium-large scale, their tall curves make for an imposing body type. 

Liberal is a mix of only yang and that leads to a large and strong body type. They carry volume with complete freedom, and appear powerful and approachable at the same time. 

Luxuriant is a mix of only yin and usually has a very small body. There’s no straight line to be seen – her soft curves (which are hers regardless of her weight) express an unbelievable richness of yin. 

Majestic is a mix of only yang and therefore has a large-scale body type. Their scale is the largest possible on a human being, and it’s magnificent. 

Mysterious is also a mix of yin and yang. A large scale body with a very light energy seems like an impossible combination – yet they really do exist. 

Striking is a mix of yin and yang. At medium to large scale, she stands out with slow strong curves and an easy grace. 

Transcendent is a mix of yin and yang at small to medium scale. They’re slender, but something about them is stronger than they appear at first glance. 

Yes, nearly all of them are a mix of yin and yang. You can roll your eyes at me (:P), but to be a mix is actually the norm. That doesn’t mean they’re boring, though. Each unique combination of yin and yang develops characterics of it’s own that are fascinating and wonderful.

Align is a new language for female beauty. So which name do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Align Types: What’s in a Name?

  1. Pat says:

    Dignified suits me to a T! Unfortunately, always seems to set me apart from others, especially if one is an introvert.

    Thanks for moving away from fruits and nuts! I’ll look forward to your understanding of the various body types.

  2. Theresa says:

    You built a beautiful system – including naming all the types in the way you did. I don’t have a favourite name, they all sound glorious!

    And very important that you stressed how your system allows women to wear any style they like – within the borders of their type.

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