The Message of Align

The message of Align

What style analysis can mean

If there is one thing I hope to accomplish with Align style analysis, it’s to help women realise that their body is valuable, beautiful, interesting, perfect the way it is.

Even if it doesn’t look anything like the images in fashion and advertising. Especially if it doesn’t look anything like the images in fashion and advertising. Those images are lies, and you didn’t even need me to tell you that.  Yet it’s hard to shake off that idea of what beauty apparently looks like.  

Align works in the complete, total opposite way. There is no beauty standard to reach. Instead, it’s the clothes that are held against a standard – your standard. To do that, I scroll through hundreds and hundreds of images, to find the ones that are just right. At your consultation, you’ll see a strict selection of items with (nearly) perfect proportions. I say nearly, because even I have to make compromises when shopping for images.

The stuff that made the cut is typically around 2-3% of the all the images I search for, for the body types that are common and also in fashion. If your body type is less common and/or not in fashion (and these things do seem to go together), that number may get as low as around 0.5%.

If you think these numbers are low, then you’re right! Finding clothes that look effortless,  proportional and just deliciously right for you, is simply not automatic. There’s an important message hidden in there: if you didn’t manage to find the right clothes for yourself, it’s not because there is something wrong with your body. You’re not even bad at shopping. You were simply looking for the needle in the haystack.

Design is infinite. Even considering that clothes need to fit around you, cover you up and/or keep you warm, clothing design is still infinite. And there may be a clever designer out there that created design that on paper would be wrong, but in reality is just right for you.

This is something that every client will hear me say: ‘I could break any rule I give you.’ I might tell you to avoid cap sleeves (which are usually small scale and a little sharp), and then show you the cap sleeve that’s large scale and has beautiful fluid lines. I might tell you to avoid long tops past your hips, and show you a long cardigan that reaches the top of your thighs. That would be the rare one that does everything right while managing to compromise the length.   

And this is exactly why I love this work so much. There are two parts to simply great style. The first part is all about knowing what proportions look good on you. The second part is playing around, knowing fully well what you can and cannot do. After all, it’s the things that shouldn’t work that somehow do, that make us catch our breath and do a double take.  So exciting. So satisfying.

In between the real-world shopping compromise, the rules and the breaking of them, with Align I can teach you what looks good and leave plenty of room for your creativity. I don’t want you to look cookie-cutter, at all.  

No matter what you look like, your body is worth dressing well for

Align is designed to be inclusive, explicitly so. What point would there be, after all, in a body typing system that covers only half of the people?

Weight doesn’t matter. Your bone structure didn’t change no matter how much weight you gained or lost.

Age doesn’t matter. The system works for adults of any age.

Ethnicity doesn’t matter. So many images in fashion are aimed towards Caucasians. That’s not fair, and neither is it real. It’s mostly boring. I tried to include non-Caucasian celebrities on the Pinterest boards whenever I could. I actually had to train my eye for that.  Caucasians are taller and sharper compared to others but the differences are superficial. But since I live among them, they were the ‘normal’ to my eye. Talk about an eye opener, eh?

Gender doesn’t matter. Currently, Align is available to women only simply because I don’t have the time to create materials for men too. But the system works just as well for men as for women, and anybody in between.

With so much focus on self-image, you might think I’m practically running a course on self-value. But that’s not what I do, at all.

I give you practical information about clothes. Information that’s easy to understand and apply. I give you your magnet, a big one, to help you get around the haystack. I give you the line that will be the middle of your road (how far too veer around the centre, is your choice entirely!) It will help you to both save money and spend it wisely, and help you create so much more value for your effort and time.

I do that by simply teaching you. Between the real-world compromises, one-in-a-million finds, ‘middle-of-the-road’ items and the awesome ‘you-shouldn’t-normally-but-this-is-genius’ designs, I will show you a whole new perspective on body lines and clothing design. There’s a reason I invest in 1.5 to 2 hours (sometimes 3, when I get carried away) of live, face-to-face contact with you. No or less time together would make my service cheaper, but of significantly less value.  

I would almost say I’m practically bolting on a new sense of perception to your mind, except that that sounds crude. It’s not. It’s transformational. Many clients report that they needed a few days to digest all the information, and how it helped them relax into a new way of seeing themselves.

This is the message of Align. 

No matter what you look like, your body is worth dressing well for.

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