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Style Science is...

An invitation to women everywhere who love beauty and style, but who feel that their true self gets buried in the random beauty standards  and trends of our time. A far cry from generic advice that just never works, my clients get scientific tools that are tailored to their needs so they look better than they would have believed possible, and still just like themselves. The empowerment that comes from believing in your own beauty, can open your life to new opportunities! 

The Programmes...

  • Your Unique Beauty Uncovered
    I support my clients with powerful tools that uncover their true beauty. We live in a society that appreciates only a very specific ideals, and so many women believe that they are not ‘good enough’ as a result. Yet each woman has a her breathtaking magnetic presence, that can be uncovered when we look deeper.
  • Join me LIVE or ONLINE
    Some of the programmes require in-person work in the studio, while others can be done online. I have helped women from around the globe, from Alaska to Australia. Wherever you live, there’s a way to get connected.
  • Empowering Women in a Feminine Way
    Women have been held back by the judgment they felt over their appearance for long enough. My work is dedicated to help women find peace in their body, and become confident and magnetic leaders. Discover how YOU can claim your power, when you embrace and enhance your appearance. 

The Colours That Light You Up


Personal Colour


Style Analysis For All Body Types

The Shapes That Align With Your Body

The Styles That Elevate Your Presence


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What women said

The science on why speaks brilliantly!

Something to fall in love with.

I look forward to shopping with purpose and knowledge. 

It’s empowering to be able to make confident style decisions. 

I can’t recommend it enough!

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