Story Time

Story Time

A client tells about her Align experience

Thank you to L., one of the first clients to have had an Align style analysis with me, for telling about her experience! The words below are written by her, sharing with us what she learned and the changes she could make right away. 
I particularly love her remark, ‘I came out of this liking my body, and wanting to enhance it instead of hiding it.’
What L. put into words so simply, is something I’ve seen happen before. When a woman gains such a profound understanding of her body, of the lines that lie at her core, something shifts. She’s full of beautiful possibility, and it’s all within her reach. 

Florentina’s Align Style Analysis is a very useful and interesting service,
attractively priced, and Florentina herself is lovely! 

I have always been unsure about what clothes suit me best. Reading about
body types has been confusing. I could eliminate only one of 4 or 5 typical
types for myself. It turns out that’s no surprise – like most people, I’m a
blend. Florentina confidently described that blend, and how it translates to
my proportions in clothing choices. It feels completely right, and explains
many things. 

I was consistently choosing wrong in two areas. I’m attracted to
blazer-style jackets. They are too long, too stiff, and after talking with
Florentina, probably have too much vertical line in the lapels. They never
felt quite right, and I have wasted a lot of time looking for the perfect
blouses to wear underneath to make them work. Now I see these attempts took
me into several other problem areas! The other area is my attraction to
over-sized “comfortable” clothing – “boyfriend shirts” etc. Needless to say,
those things hide me well, but they don’t flatter me. I’ll keep wearing them
to breakfast at home!

Taking the photos she requires was a hurdle. On the other hand, with cell
phone and email technology, it’s easily accomplished with a sympathetic
friend or partner on hand. Once I was resolved to do it, it only took a few

During our two-hour Skype call, Florentina patiently described my blend and
what makes it unique, and what the key elements are. Out of 16 types, she
named me “Dignified”, and clarified that I am a sub-type within this type.
Believe it or not, it’s all quite clear. 

I asked whether body weight would affect the style type. She said absolutely
not. If weighing less, I will be in a smaller size, but my bone structure
will not change, so proportions will stay the same. So, I might like how I
look better if I am slimmer, but I will be the same style type. Thinking
back to various weights I have been in my life, I believe this to be true.

I came out of this liking my body.

Her recommendations were very clear about line, proportion, detail, texture,
fit, hair, eyebrow shaping, and makeup placement. I changed the placement of
my blush right away.

I had already accumulated a bag of clothes I thought were not working well.
After my Skype call with her, I added a few more items. Now, in each case, I
know what the problem is, and why I have not been wearing, and will not
wear, those items. I hope somebody else will enjoy them.

Most of those pieces were just taking up space in my closet. The remaining
clothes are not too bad, as I’ve eliminated the worst in the past. I can
take my time to be choosy and find things that are better. It will take
time, since my requirements are much more specific, and combined with my
soft summer colours, my requirements are very specific. However, I expect my
list of mistakes to shrink considerably! 

As an example, I used to wonder which was better for me – V neck or scoop
neck. Well, that was not the right question. Florentina explained that I
need space around my face, and not all scoops and Vs are created equal. That
said, either works for me if the proportions are right. 

Florentina has an objective and mathematical approach. Her delivery is
matter-of-fact, and clear. I came out of this liking my body, and wanting to
enhance it instead of hiding it. That is worth every penny! I have spent
more than her fee on items that do not flatter me well, every single year.
The style analysis is for life. 

A few years ago, I used a less expensive online service. The communication
was not as clear, and I think that analyst got close, but not quite right
for me. Though I tried, I knew quickly that her advice about necklines and
detail was not working. Florentina’s advice feels correct, and explains a
lot of past experience.

I highly recommend Florentina and her Align Style Analysis to anyone who
feels they aren’t getting it quite right, want to feel like themselves in
their clothing choices, and want to be more efficient in shopping and
wardrobe management. I wish I’d done it when I was younger, but there’s no
time like the present.

If you’ve read this far and think it’s a good idea for you, I encourage you
to take the plunge! It’s money well spent.

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