My Colour Story Part Six – True Winter

My Colour Story

Part Six- True Winter

Yes, I did warn everybody this was a long story, but we are nearly there. Up to this point, I had considered or tried out Soft Autumn, Soft Summer, True Summer, Light Summer, and Dark Winter.

After deciding I needed a new analysis, it took one more year to save up and organize the trip. During that time, I wore most of my Light Summer stuff, but took occasional side trips to Dark Winter. It felt far more relaxed. I was beginning to come to terms with how I looked – and the way that interacts with colour. 

Once again I traveled to another city in another country. 

The experience was very different from the previous time. Much more methodical, the analyst paid attention to every drape and really took her time for me. I liked her calm and friendly manner, and trusted her to find me the right Season. 

Black, brown, silver, gold.  Key test, 4 Test, Red test, 12 Test. This is what we found during those 4 hours:  

In the end, we decided on True Winter

Autumn looked the same as it ever had – obviously wrong. Summer I’d come to know very well – hello softly-lit-but-flat-face! My Spring colour reactions were very weird: the lighter the Spring colour got, the brighter it appeared on me. Light Spring was hysterically bright. Conversely, Bright Spring looked only a little light. 

At that point (and we were three hours on our way here), all options were narrowed down to three Winter Seasons. We went through them one by one for another hour, they were so close… 

Bright Winter was a little too much, and somehow a little watery at the same time, particularly in the darker half of the palette. Dark Winter muddied me almost imperceptibly, but after an hour of back and forth we saw the subtle change clearly. So in the end, we decided on True Winter.  

I felt so surprised. All that time, I had believed True Winter was out of my reach. For quite a while, my hopes and expectations had been with Dark Winter. But it was a very happy kind of surprise – not like my previous experience of a colour analysis. Winter didn’t feel alien to me, the way Light Summer had.  

And True Winter worked sooooooo much better than everything I had tried before. Finally, I had the ease, joy and satisfaction of colour harmony, with a palette that I had always loved. 

A few of the perks included being able to wear black. It’s not the best colour on me if I’m honest. But it’s so hard to find petite clothing that’s not black, so it’s very convenient to wear it anyway. And I got all the dark colours I ever dreamed of, which I craved during my Light Summer days – I adore the greens and purples especially. And I never have to worry about too glittery stones because they really do look great on me. 

Makeup was a little tricky still, but that always takes some fine-tuning. But best of all, I felt so grounded in the colours. Finally, colour analysis had brought me what I’d always wanted: a palette full of beautiful colours that I could wear to my heart’s content. 


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5 thoughts on “My Colour Story Part Six – True Winter

  1. Melina says:

    Very interesting colour story, and one I can relate to a lot, having gone through plenty of the same stages myself (apart from formal PCAs)! I ‘ve tried practically every season there is, myself. 🙂 But I do remember reading from the 12 Blueprints site that you were draped as a Bright Winter, not True Winter? So is that a re-draping..?

      • Melina says:

        Oh, I’m sorry if I jumped the gun! But I truly didn’t expect there to be more than the 6th part, this has a kind of finality of finding your proper season & feeling at home in it 😉 But after reading the 7th part, I understand now. 🙂

        By the way, intriguingly, in DIY drapings, my reactions to Spring are about the same as yours (“My Spring colour reactions were very weird: the lighter the Spring colour got, the brighter it appeared on me. Light Spring was hysterically bright.”) Can I just ask you, as a trained analyst, would that mean I am probably a Winter of some sort, or is Dark Autumn also a possibility?
        (I know only a PCA can give a certain answer to that, but alas that’s not a possibility for me for the time being.)

        • Florentina says:

          No worries! I’m actually just really impressed that you remembered I was a BW. 🙂
          About the Spring reactions, yes, this is not an uncommon reaction for a Winter of some sort. You must see that in the broad sense, meaning all five Winters including Bright Spring and Dark Autumn. It’s also not universal as some Winters have different reactions to the various Spring Seasons, like yellowing, undershadowing etc.

          • Melina says:

            Ok, I understand. A pity that there are no clear-cut markers like that (i.e. the Spring effect mentioned), but I know that’s a tall order 🙂 And well, I’m known for having an unusually good memory 😉

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