My Colour Story Part Four – Light Summer

My Colour Story

Part Four - Light Summer

It’s been long overdue, but I’m picking up the story again. In this blog series, I share my colour journey – there were many adventures before I finally saw myself in the right colours! In parts one, two and three, I tried on Soft Autumn, Soft Summer and True Summer. None of those worked like I hoped, and I decided it was time to seek the help of a professional. Here goes…

Booking a colour analysis was expensive for my student wallet. Yet after such a long time of guessing, I was sure it would be worth it (you can read more on how that felt, here on Chrysalis Colour). 

At this point, I had grown out of my Soft Summer trials and thought that True Summer was the most likely option. My secret hope, however, was True Winter. There was just something about that pallette that made me feel so alive. 

Long story short, I traveled to another city in another country. On a grey early afternoon, I knocked on a door praying it would be the right address. (I have a long history of getting lost in a new place, and this was before the smartphone era.)  

It was. The door was answered by someone who had been expecting me.  

Gold, silver, brown and black: the key drapes made it clear I was not an Autumn.

I hung up my coat and set aside my student backpack, and then I was invited to sit down. The chair was facing a small mirror underneath a window. Two lamps on either side of the mirror were turned on. I was so excited. Time to drape! 

I vividly remember the anticipation I saw in my eyes in the mirror. And then it all went so quickly. Gold, silver, brown and black, the key drapes made it clear I was not an Autumn.  The black overpowered me, the analyst found, so Winter was out too (N.B. Spoiler alert! I am a Winter – this is exactly why we don’t decide over one key drape.) We tried on the Summer test drapes, which were fairly ok. Spring was a bit too bright, but something good happened. And Light Summer I was – less than 45 minutes later. 

I was stunned. I’d never seen myself so.. different. It took a full 24 hours to get to grips with it.  For someone who’s never sat in a colour analyst’s chair it might of this story might sound exaggerated, but so much of our self-image is in the mirror. My reflection had changed, and I was reeling. 

Did I like the palette? It took me a while to make up my mind. One the one hand, I looked more lit up than I’d ever done before. That was nice. One the other hand, the palette was so, well, light. Hadn’t I always loved dark colours? As I stared at the sunlit colours in my fan, the doubts in my gut hardened into rejection – which I suppressed, although I did grumble a bit. 

I went home with my unexpected Light Summer palette. And I did everything: I went through my closet, my makeup. I brought my old Soft Summer and Soft Autumn stuff to the thrift store, bought a couple t-shirts in Light Summer and found some nice new earrings. 

My makeup collection held a surprise. At the time, I owned a grand total of three lipsticks. One I liked best, although I could see it was a bit off. That one turned out way too dark with the palette – it had Autumn in it. No real surprise there. The two other ones were… strange. One peach and one pink, I had bought them in a sale, tried on once, winced, and thrown them in the back of my makeup drawer. They were spot-on Light Summer. I told myself, I guess I’d just wear them? 

And so I wrestled with the overexposed sun-lit happiness of my palette, and my preference for formal and dark colours. But I told myself to get a grip, and just wear the colours. 

I tried for two years.


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