My Colour Story Part Two – Soft Summer

My Colour Story

Part Two - Soft Summer

In this blog series I share how my own colour journey turned out. In Part One, I told about how I chose Soft Autumn – for all the wrong reasons. Today we pick up the story again with this short chapter, where I quickly moved from Soft Autumn to Soft Summer.  

A rough rendering of my thoughts after deciding on Soft Autumn for my palette. 

So Soft Autumn it is. Hang on, what did that palette look like again?

Ah, terracotta and avocado green. Maybe I should try those on.’

‘Heh. Nothing happens. I look just the same, actually. Shouldn’t I look better in my Season?’

‘Or maybe it’s because I need more blue. Blue is always good on me.’

‘So maybe not Soft Autumn. Maybe I am Soft Summer.’

‘Soft Summer must be right. Yes, I am a Soft Summer.’

I liked that palette. Soft Summer pink was good, matching the colour of my lips. Soft Summer blue worked well too, particularly dark navy that made a connection with my eyes. I thought I looked great in that one. So everything seemed to work.

Makeup was hard - I kept trying but it looked like dirt.

(I’ve since seen this type of connection a lot now, with the lips, eyes, or even the skin tone. It’s a phenomenon I call ‘overtone match’. When it happens with the lips or eyes, it’s not that bad. When it happens with the skin however, it’s very unsettling – like the person just became a flat beige cardboard figure. I see it most often with the beiges and light tan browns of Autumn. Nine times out of ten (but not always), it’s a sign you’re looking at the wrong Season.)

Makeup was a little difficult, though. I kept trying but it looked like dirt. And neither did my skin look that healthy, but that would probably improve as I got better at picking colours in the palette. 

Groan. In hindsight, even Soft Summer is a step up from Soft Autumn, when you are really a Bright Winter. But only a very small step. Still, I had established I was probably a Cool Season. Baby steps, right?

Back then, I roamed over the Internet for everything I could find on Soft Summer, and collected pictures with those colours on my computer. (Pinterest was in its early days and I hadn’t caught on yet.) I still have those images, in a folder called ‘Wrong Seasons for me’. 

That folder was about to get a lot bigger. 

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