Looking back at 2019 – Let’s chat

Let's chat

Looking back, news, and a sneak peak or two!

Hello readers,

I thought it would be nice to talk to you, and have a cosy chat. It’s the end of the 2019, and I feel like doing something a little different. You can get yourself some coffee or cup of tea. I’ll wait here for you. 

Let’s start by looking back at what happened this year.

First of all, we had the launch of Align as a new body typing system and style advice service. I’m so proud of it, and grateful for all women who have stepped into their essential beauty. It’s amazing how this knowledge allows you to transform not just your wardrobe, but the way you experience yourself. Therefore, a big thank you to you all – I’ve learned so much from you, my clients and my readers, both of whom kept asking questions. Align would never been the same without the questions you asked. This is how it came into being in the first place, the result of questions that needed an answer.

And on the colour side too, I learn something new with every client. In the past year, I saw my second ever True Spring – they’re so rare! Many Brights, and the odd Dark Winter.

With Align I saw no less than eleven types for the first time. That makes sense, since it was the first year I’ve offered it publicly – the two years before this were spent in Research and Development mode. I’m not going to name them all, Dignified and Distinctive, Expressive and Evocative, Liberal and Luxuriant, Captivating and Celestial – the latter only very recently.

Those first times seeing a type are very special to me. That’s the first time I create materials and select clothes with an actual human being in mind. My proof of concept and trial runs were based on celebrities, but those people are so highly scrutinised that they’re not quite relatable examples.

Another thank you to my clients. I’ve loved working with you, whether it was in my colour studio, or through the small view of my Zoom account when we met online. I’ve loved the transformational bubble we created together. For those few hours, we were only focused on your beauty, and your needs.

Very few things outside of that seemed to exist (although some of my client’s kids were tired and needed their moms, so we took breaks too – bless them!). And when we were done, the world looked different. Your body doesn’t look the same anymore, because you have learned to see it in terms of possibilities, rather than of flaws or imperfections. I’ve been privileged to show you the possibilities, and I’m grateful!

This year, we’ve also seen the start of Chrysalis Colour. That was another long-range project to finally see the light, because we worked on that behind the scenes for 2+ years as well.

Of minor importance, except for those on the receiving end of my online sessions, I’m glad to announce that my webcam will retire in 2020 and I’ve upgraded to a better one. The upside of a terrible camera is that it makes your skin look really good. The downside is that it’s, well, annoying. Here’s to progress!

Speaking of progress, I now have a proper desk in my studio. It feels like I have a real office! I’m really serious now :P. You may think this is silly, but I It’s a big improvement from last year, when I moved four times (yes, really!) and my studio equipment sat in boxes for months.

And that brings me to the new year. What projects, big or small, will we see in 2020?

Of course, I’ll keep posting snippets and insights from Align. I might even do a post with a demo Align session, so you have a better idea of what that’s like. Someone requested that a couple of months ago and gave me the idea. Would you like to see a short demo session?

Even more exciting, I’m working on the next version of Align. This ‘2.0’ version will be a lot more organised. Let me explain…

Earlier this year I started with documents that were 11 pages long, and had 2 hour video call with clients. As I taught and learned more and more, there was more to share and so I tacked on every new insight. The calls got longer (up to two and a half to three hours now). And the client documents got longer as well, most guides are around 15 pages long. The amount of information has become a bit unmanageable, both for myself and my clients.

Right now I am restructuring the content. There will be videos with more graphics and maybe with animations (that will depend on my tech skills, yikes!). My first attempts at video were alright. I don’t know yet when the new Align will launch, but somewhere next year. I’ll tell you more soon!

And now for the other sneak peak…

Next year I will introduce ‘INSPIRE’. (You know, Colour, Align, Inspire…sounds cool right?). 

It will be the highest level of support I’ve offered so far, incorporating not just my colour and Align services, but also a lot of deeper work around appearance, identity, communication, connection, sexuality and attractiveness and how you relate to your self image. I keep saying this: so much of your self image is in the mirror.

INSPIRE also include a new level of practical support, in response to feedback from my clients. There will be a new strategy for wardrobe building (it’s not as easy as the Pinterest graphics on capsule wardrobes would have you believe!) and tools for ‘laser shopping’. Laser shopping is all about finding the best possible clothes with little effort.

INSPIRE will be for women who want to reach their fullest potential, by making a connection between what they look like and how they feel inside. It’s not fully live yet, but I am accepting beta clients at a reduced rate. If you’re interested, you can sign up for my Style & Confidence breakthrough session on my home page (via the menu bar above).

Before we go and watch the fireworkds, I’d like to share my wish for 2020.

I’d love for 2020 to become a more inclusive, sustainable world where we can enjoy beauty of all kinds and hold space for one another. We need diversity and we need connection, for any human being. I want us to move away from fast fashion and model culture.

Let’s create good quality clothes for real people of all body types, with fair wages and less waste, instead!

To everyone, happy holidays and a fantastic 2020!

Best wishes,


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