Align Testimonials

Align Testimonials

Stories from clients

It’s been fairly quiet on the blog for a while, and this is why… I got to work with these amazing people!  In this post are their testimonials, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading about their experiences.
To the clients below, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us! 

I feel like I know an ancient secret

I enjoyed the session with Florentina a lot. She provides three things for the client: a written guideline, pictures and an oral explanation via a Skype call. They work beautifully in a tandem. Florentina explains clearly and in detail what exactly to look at and also provides a lot of space for questions, she really takes her time. One can easily see the patterns after a while, and how they create a beautiful whole. 

The result – Intricate – helps me see why certain things (don’t) work and why it is often a challenge to find clothes in shops today. Today is not the age of the small scale and fitted garments that I need, the trends often play with wider and more relaxed shapes that swallow me most of the time. Great to know, stop fighting, and concentrate on other things.   

This is not a set of body types in which one is The Perfect One and the other try to mimic it by hiding what’s there and creating what’s missing. Also, I appreciate that Florentina’s system does not assign styles to the types. Simply, the aim is to understand how to use and repeat your lines, already perfect, and then anything is possible! 

I feel like I know an ancient secret now. Thanks a lot! 

K. - Czech Republic (Intricate)

I was shocked at the depth of the experience

I had a style analysis completed with Florentina in the Summer of 2019, and was shocked at the level of personalization and depth of the experience. She took me through parts of style that I had never thought about for myself, such as what type of fabrics look good on me, or what style hats I should be wearing.

She was quick to respond to any of my questions, and the materials she has provided for me I use every time I go shopping. As soon as I had my image analysis complete I bought a new plain, black bathing suit using her recommendations, and have received numerous compliments on how well it suits me.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is looking to feel more confident in what they wear.

J. - Canada (Striking)

So liberating to have the information to create a wardrobe that truly fits me in every way

I wanted to thank you again for the analysis and for sending the information for me to be able to review.  It was such a pleasure getting to meet you via Skype and to learn from you!

Your idea to begin with a simple t-shirt analysis and explanation and move from there to other items made so much sense; I actually feel it is so simple and finally, finally I have the information I need to make the right clothing decisions for myself. In the weeks leading up to our appointment I thought about things I had worn from my teenage years on, the things that resonated with me and I felt good in. But I never understood the common denominator, the things they all had in common.

When you revealed my “type” and its particular equation, it was clear what I had loved was what you were recommending. Somehow those few good choices were lost in years of clothing trends/gifts/bargains or trying to attain an image I was not. Already it feels so liberating to know I have all the information I need to create a wardrobe that truly fits me in every way. I’ve never in my life had that confidence, so thank you again!

H. - USA (Transcendent)

Her method really helps narrowing down the infinite choices

Before Florentina’s analysis through Align, I was basically sure my body type was that of a Soft Natural, mostly because every other body structure was too far from mine. Yet something didn’t completely work, as I usually needed longer, cleaner lines and a little more structure in my clothes; what’s more, I couldn’t manage a different haircut than a straight bob (curls make no sense on me) and I had noticed that thick eyeliner easily overwhelmed me. 

I also found something closer to Classic in my features, but I was sure this style itself would look too weak and boring on me; therefore, going shopping was always a chaotic experience and I usually ended up buying clothes that maybe did not look so bad on me, but weren’t really ideal.

Align is a different way of looking at body structures. Florentina’s method is truly innovative, as it recognizes different types as well, but involves lines, proportions and volumes in a very specific way and, most important, without forcing any of these types into a style. 

Thanks to her analysis, the reasons why some items didn’t suit me (and on the opposite side, why some did, even if they shouldn’t have) became immediately clear: despite my small size, broad shoulders and quite fleshy hips, there is a sort of narrowness, together with some length, in my features, and that’s why large, bulky sweaters, as well as unstructured, long dresses don’t look good on me; this is even linked with the fact that I can’t wear curly hair and thick eyeliner (still a matter of volume).

Florentina’s service is great because during the scheduled Skype appointment she illustrates everything (shapes, lengths, details, etc.) very clearly and shows what’s ideal, as well as what is a reasonable compromise in today’s fashion, through a visual guide that you will receive together with a written guide where all these explanations are written down. 

I also asked her about animal prints (something I have never been brave enough to deal with!) and she found some examples of prints I could wear, together with a few more I should avoid. Her method and service really help narrowing down the basically infinite choices we can find in shops nowadays and investing in what really looks good on you… that’s why I highly recommend them!

I. - Italy (Transcendent)

For the first time in a long time, I felt perfectly at peace with my body

My recent analysis with Florentina was quite a revelation!  I’ve been analyzed in two other systems but never had the “ah-ha” moment that Florentina’s insight gave me. I greatly appreciate that she didn’t try to force me into a box by labeling me with an “essence” or giving me a specific style type to adhere to.  For the first time in a long time, I felt perfectly at peace with my body. No more dressing to try and hide certain areas, elongate others, or mask my proportions. Nothing about my body needs to be changed; I just need to dress authentically.

My love of horizontal stripes always confused me, as they are often listed as a total “no-no” for someone with wide shoulders and a large bust.  With Florentina’s insight, I discovered that I have a lot of horizontal yang, so those stripes are actually harmonious on my body. Also, using her suggested technique I was able to successfully wear blush for the first time!  Past attempts had been all wrong because my proper application is exactly the opposite of what “conventional wisdom” recommends for my face shape.  

So many of her recommendations are like that, opposite of what we all read to be right for our body type. I now realize why most of those guidelines are useless.  Honoring your shape looks so much more beautiful than fighting it. 

My new understanding of what looks best on me will undoubtedly save me a ton of money and frustration during future shopping trips. I feel liberated and excited about new possibilities. Thank you, Florentina! 

V. - USA (Captivating)

I highly value that Align is independent of personality or style identities.

I really enjoyed my analysis with Florentina. She took plenty of time to explain everything, and was very generous and thorough in answering follow up questions in the days afterwards. Her knowledge is amazing – I really recognized myself in her description. 

The subtype information was very rich and resonated with me. I had a general idea what my style type was, but was feeling my outfits were a bit generic and sometimes “off” in a way I couldn’t describe. The Align analysis got into specifically what mix of horizontals/verticals and what amount and shapes of details were best for me personally. Lots of “aha” moments as I understood why certain pieces were favorites, or why other pieces never felt quite right. 

I highly value that the Align system is independent of personality or style identities. It’s all about lines and shapes, not necessarily dressing like a “character”, so I now have many more options to explore. 

I came away from the overall experience with an affection for my body that makes me excited to dress it. Thanks Florentina!

C. - USA (Dignified)

The recommendations are spot on

The very thorough detail of your analysis is amazing!  It is beautifully explained and the visuals perfectly reflect your descriptions. As I read through the report and thought about the clothes I feel comfortable wearing, it really ‘clicked’.

The aspect of ‘scale’ (minimal volume best but not tight) really hit home.  People like me who are relatively tall and thin are often told they can wear ‘anything’ even (and maybe especially) the extremes like big and baggy or skin tight.  I’m sure some tall/thin folks can but I’ve never felt right in clothes like that. Now I understand why!  

It can be super difficult to see oneself objectively, but I have a sister who has a very similar face and body type.  When I mentally apply the ‘Mysterious’ to her, it is easy to see that your observations and recommendations are spot on.

I have already rearranged my closet.  It is a relief to have some specific guidelines to follow and somehow that makes the idea of experimenting less scary.  

Thank you for including the glasses suggestions!  For the first time I’m looking forward to shopping for a new pair of spectacles! 

What stands out about your system are the smart/scientific underlying principles, your careful observations, and the amazing attention to detail.  You then take all that information and deliver it in a practical and relatable way. I’m so glad that I took the plunge with this analysis!!

A. - Canada (Mysterious)

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