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You’ll receive a confirmation email from Calendly. 

In the confirmation email are instructions for how to send the pictures required for your analysis.  
The instructions are also below. 

You’ll receive an email with a Paypal request (payable via Paypal account or creditcard)  between two to one weeks before your appointment. 

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Align client feedback


To do your analysis, I need the following pictures*:

  1. Your face, seen from the front;
  2. Your face, seen from the side;
  3. Your face, seen from the front with your hand held up next to your face;
  4. Full length from your head to your feet, seen from the front;
  5. Full length from your head to your feet, seen from the side.

Guidelines for taking pictures

  • Wear swimwear, or light-coloured leggings with a tank top if swimwear makes you feel uncomfortable 
  • If you have long hair, tie it up into a ponytail or bun 
  • Stand in front of a standard sized door 
  • Make sure you have good lighting (artificial or daylight doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not dim) 
  • Take the full-length pictures from the level of your midriff, to avoid distortion in the upper or lower body. Ask a partner or friend, or use a tripod with timer.
  • If you want to wear light makeup, that’s fine, just don’t go overboard with it
Questions? Feel free to contact me at

Pictures need to be sent via email to, 2 weeks before our appointment.

*Pictures are confidential. I save them locally and password protected, only for the span of time that I’m working on your analysis. I delete the pictures a number of weeks after your analysis is complete, including the original email, and I send you a notification when I’ve done so.

By making an appointment and sending your pictures, you give me permission to use the pictures for your analysis, under the conditions stated above. For more information on privacy policy, please visit my website.